Hey!! It’s Deehairblog

Hiya!! welcome to deehairblog, it’s funny we have the “blog” tag in our name and this is our first ever blog post even though we’ve been existing for years; selling quality full laces, braided wigs and other goodies, head to our shop page to check them out.

Do you love traditional book and pen or your digital notepad?

Just make sure you write this down:

I’m a premium lady and I only deserve luxury, I love quality, ease (no tangles) and the soft life.

Have you written that down? Good!

Because at deehairblog we only deal with quality, all our products are made of natural hairs and no synthetics. If it’s cheaper elsewhere then it’s of low quality and if it’s expensive elsewhere then they are ripping you off because ain’t no quality better than what we give.

Oh! I forgot to mention our braids are hand made by the best professionals in Lagos, US and UK. Do we just sell braids? I’d like to make mine. Head over to our store and get our full lace or CLICK HERE

No more products

Yes no more talking about our products. You already know what we do. So let’s get to the fun part

Purpose of the blog

Braids by Deehairblog

Before we dive in look at this beauty, you can get it by clicking this link, it cost 160$ but if you are from Africa there’s a discount due to exchange rates, mail us at [email protected] or on WhatsApp at +2347025495655

You said no more products. I’m sorry I love our hairs I guess you do too, the purpose of the blog is to talk about hairs in general with written and video tutorials about installation, maintenance, tips, model show case, brand deals, influencers, lifestyle and many more. Buckle up because you are stuck with us for life.

Welcome to deehairblog where old customers never leave

PS: sorry for the ads, you can check them out or ignore them, please let us know at [email protected] if you find anyone disturbing

One thought on “Hey!! It’s Deehairblog

  1. Shay

    Deehairblog has always been my go to braid plug. Sometimes they send gifts with the hairs❤️

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